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The New Spoofers Guide to Lisbon

August 18th, 2009 · No Comments · Irish Politics, Lisbon

Delighted to see that there is a new and updated Spoofers Guide to Lisbon from Jason O’Mahony. It should be widely read and reproduced! Great stuff in Chicken Nugget sized portions.

So, what to say about the Lisbon Treaty? Is it dry? Dry? It’s so dry that batches of it should be stored around Europe for use during floods. Tedious? Call it tedious and you’ll get sued by Tedium for character assassination. It’s boring, but what did you expect?  It’s a treaty. What child ever ripped off the wrapping paper on Christmas morning and went “Oh! The Treaty of Versailles! You shouldn’t have! I’m going to activate the stability destroying reparation mechanisms against Germany right now!? Actually, if you do know a child who did that, go and hide in a cave somewhere.

Lisbon and Humour/Satire may be a running theme this referendum cycle. Ok this is me wishful thinking but I am reading 100 reasons to vote Yes to Lisbon II and it’s producing the odd chuckle and yelp and nod of agreement. Review to come shortly.

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