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Tom Kitt in Warsaw not doing human rights….

March 17th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Gay, Homophobia, Poland, Queer, Uncategorized

One of the coalition parties in Poland plans legislation to sack gay teachers and ban groups entering schools engaging in the discussion of homosexuality (that’d be the gay groups being banned of course). The League of Polish Families (yes it is the name of a political party) plans the IV Polish Republic based on morality, Greg says it’s getting more like the III Reich – he’s living there, I’m not so I’ll leave it to him. The President of the Polish Campaign against Homophobia, Robert Biedron, agrees.

So they’ve banned the bars, the marches, and next it’ll be the teachers and the discussion in schools. And Tom Kitt is in Poland for St. Patrick’s Day on behalf of the Irish Government. I take it that he like his predecessors who visited New York on St. Patricks Day for years will not be raising the issue of lesbian and gay human rights. And Bertie, Mary and the Archbishop probably did not raise those issues with President Kaczynski when he was over here last month inciting hatred. (Reg. required)

But then again Ireland has legislation which permits the dismissal of teachers based on sexual orientation and reports this week show that there is no enforcement of guidelines on sex education and the discussion of homosexuality. So maybe it would be a tad hypocritical. Your views?



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