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What have the Green Party ever done for us?

January 23rd, 2011 · 3 Comments · General Election 2011, Green Party, Irish Politics

(With apologies to the Green Party and Monty Python writers.)

Following their departure from government this afternoon the Green Party have released an infographic detailing their time in government in the past three years.

The Party listed the following as their top ten

    • Helped create 20,000 new green jobs: through initiatives such as National Insulation Scheme and support for renewable energy projects
    • Introduced Civil Partnerships: providing legal protection for same-sex couples
    • Brought in the Planning Bill: to end reckless development and speculative property bubbles
    • Made Ireland more energy efficient: through retrofitting and incentives to switch to greener cars
    • Protected education: reversing budget cuts, maintaining pupil:teacher ratios and blocking the introduction of third level fees
    • Introduced the Cycle to Work scheme and guaranteed funding for Metro North
    • Facilitated the doubling of electricity generated from wind power
    • Guaranteed an unprecedented huge investment in water infrastructure
    • Ensured the roll out of the cervical cancer vaccine
    • Protected spending on Overseas Development Aid and the arts sector

      A few people lost their jobs today as a result of the decision to withdraw, I don’t mean the TD’s, but the people working as advisors and ministerial office staff.  Not an easy time to be job hunting at the moment so spare a thought for them. Party staff will also be facing an uncertain future as funding is dependent on the numbers elected.

      Basil up there reminds me of the competition organised under the Green Party tenure to shoot the grey squirrels.


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