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White carbonless smoke?

October 9th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Green Party, Irish Politics

Between Lisbon and John O’Donoghue’s forthcoming resignation far too little focus has been paid on the negotiations for the programme for government. I now know more about fur farming than I ever wanted to know thanks to former councillor Ruairi Holohan’s interview on The Last Word yesterday evening. You need to listen too if only to find out how you get an issue on the agenda by getting people to join a political party who care about one issue only.

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When Senator Dan Boyle tweeted that he was off to ‘say something controversial’ in Tralee in May a process of negotiations was started and shopping lists drawn up. Why do we have to wait until nearly the middle of October for the 11th hour (whatever that phrase means!) and late night meetings in government buildings? Do all negotiations like this have to be 11th hour? And I don’t just levy this at the Green party, it applies to all parties and partnership talks and Trade Unions also. Could you not finish your talks early for once and not at 3 o’clock in the morning before the deadline, strike, end of the world?

The Green Party and the dilemma that awaits them have had coverage this week on The Frontline and Vincent Browne. Very little from Fianna Fáil members (probably still hiding under their Ireland for Europe t-shirts – you did know that’s where they went during Lisbon?) We have been treated though to FF backbenchers busily protecting their allowances and standing up for their self employed status – yes you don’t employ them – they get elected and have rights to unvouched expenses it seems.

So whilst the Green Party have been preparing their assault on the mountain called High Moral Ground, party spokespersons have been saying it’s all very difficult and it may not come off and the Convention on Saturday may be cancelled if there is no agreement by lunchtime today. Ciaran Cuffe TD blogged late last night about what’s happening and how he feels about it. It’s a case of dammed if they do keep the government going or dammed if they don’t, and I doubt the party reference group will be going near the RDS unless they have the deal that will give them the 66% with ease.

I’ll be covering (or attempting to) the conference on Saturday for -links to follow. We should know if there is going to be a conference (and therefore a continuation of government) by lunchtime today.



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