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Who’s scandal is it anyway?

January 25th, 2008 · 10 Comments · eejit.., Equality

I’m sick and tired of men. I’ve had enough of their whining and this does not apply to John Waters. (But I bet he gets in on the act too!)

Why when responding to the announcement of a campaign to encourage people (of all genders) to campaign for women’s health care and in particular access to better breast care services do some of the lads pop up with the oh so funny
‘So….., anyone? or how about ?’

Maybe because nobody has yet got off his hairy arse to do it. (I don’t have much experience of men’s arses to know if they are hairy or not…forgive me…)

Or perhaps if it were prostrate cancer screenings that were being misread, delayed, mismanaged and ignored then we would see more immediate action. Or infact those screenings aren’t mismanaged and indeed most of men’s health issues are managed well because those at the highest levels of medical management in this country are wait for it …. men. (I do try not to believe that last point – but it’s very difficult to be dissuaded when you experience the health service on a regular basis!) By the way the blood test for prostrate cancer has been available for years…the one for some forms of breast cancer is only now being developed.

Someone else posted a comment elsewhere about men’s fatality from cancer being higher – if this is true then yes we should all be doing something about it – like making sure men go to the doctor and do something proactive about their health. Women trying to be proactive about their health are getting fucked over in this country – that’s a scandal. (Other scandals involving women’s health in recent memory, Hepatitis C, Neary in Drogheda.)

But actually lads you don’t seem to see the fact that by campaigning for better cancer services for women that everybody would benefit by making sure that the roll out of the National Cancer Strategy was properly done.

And of course not all men are like the fine specimens I mention above – Squid gets it, as does Conor, Cian, Damien, Rick, etc.

Get your mouses clicking, sign the petition, send emails to your friends, facebook it, tell your mothers, fathers, brothers, best friends. Tell the Government and the HSE to stop stuffing it up for everybody.



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