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Adios for the holiers!

June 14th, 2008 · 5 Comments · Irish Politics, Lesbian, LGBT, Michael Lynn, Queer

Bibendum (The Michelin Man) as he looked in the early 1990sImage via WikipediaThis blog is going quiet for a few weeks cos I’m out of here. I didn’t plan to go on my holidays the day after Lisbon but I did plan it to avoid being seen as a bridesmaid or having to watch a load of others at Dublin Pride. (Alway’s the bridesmaid, never the bride is the theme of Dublin pride, insulting to Muriels’s everywhere, and lots of women but sure who’d care about them anyway! And after today’s vote I’d wager a very long wait for any sort of partnership legislation.)

According to the Globe today Canadian lesbians and gay men are figuring out that marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and is gendering gay relationships and removing the sexual orientation bit that differed us from the rest all due to the legacy of the institution.

In other words, people assume that one plays the role of husband and the other plays wife. While this gendered idea of marriage is clearly a projection from people in the straight world, gay and lesbian couples acknowledge that the role each plays is a point of discussion in their relationships.

While I’m away I bet Michael Lynn (known as Michelin man these days seemingly) will be found, charged with something…anything!!! And brought back to the country just to spite me. Maybe the people so far unnamed in the press who assisted him in misleading clients, banks and others will finally be the focus of some mainstream media activity.

Ironic that Michael is flitting between Portugal and Bulgaria so much these days – Portugal where the deal was done (sort of) on the Lisbon Treaty and Bulgaria one of the newest EU members where one can still get away with building rubbish and pulling the wool over buyers eyes, all the time having a great party! I wonder which invite lists Michael gets to remain on these days?

So for the next two weeks I’ll be bombing up and down an Andalucian mountain in a rented mothership (extreme scootering) going for Tapas and drinking a bit of rioja and reading books – not a laptop or a wifi connection in site. Scary!!!

Hasta Luego!

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