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Ah O2…you gotta love a trier…

May 2nd, 2007 · No Comments · Consumer blogging

16:40 pm at end of long and busy day…brrring brrring…

O2 Smiley guy: Hi Maman Poulet I’m ringing you from O2 to tell you about a new service we are offering. You know the way you get your bill through the post, well now we can send you your bill by email or text instead. It’s a brand new service for you and is really convienient.

Maman Poulet: And what discount will you be offering me if I use this service. (I’m tired but not that tired!)

O2 Guy: There is no discount available or no extra charge either. (Maman Poulet coughs at the no charge bit!)

MP: Well then I won’t be changing it.

Ok so I know I might have reduced my carbon footprint but I’m fecked if I’m going to save them money in billing me and make out like I am taking part in some brand new service as a result. They can continue to post the damm thing out to me.



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