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Rock the Vote – The Advertisements

May 3rd, 2007 · 3 Comments · April Fools, irishelection2007, More Money than sense, Rock the Vote, Ryan Tubridy, Social Media

It’s been a while since I checked in with the good folk at Rock the Vote. You might have noticed that the majority of those big jobs were filled by the lads – the junior positions have some female participation – nice to see they reflected the glass ceiling that exists everywhere else in society. 

Sadly Rock the Vote (the American Brand) thinks it’s still in the US with their ads and the hand signals and taking the piss out of minority cultures or something.  Ah sure if Eminem does it then it must be ok and if a ‘2fm dj tells me sure I’ll head out and do the W thing while rocking the vote.’  So will they be telling people how to cast their vote – I don’t mean who for – I mean how to vote in order of your choice. How voting in Ireland works? That’s just a tad important too. Rock the vote? This means what?

Thanks lads for Mario anyway, you can never get too much Stan, Roy and the special one, but sadly they don’t tell me or anyone what rocking the vote actually means or how to do it.  

For those of you who were wondering how can I write a post about the Rock the Vote ads without mentioning my favourite man, Ryan Tubridy. Ryan Tubridy Rocking the Vote? I rest my case!

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