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Brian Cowen emails me

February 28th, 2009 · 9 Comments · Irish Politics, Recession

This email arrived in my inbox at 9.12pm – if you signed up to hear more about Fianna Fáil on their new website you were included. I think we’re talking 17,000 plus addresses but I’m open to correction on that.

What do you think of it? More Obamaification?

Dear friend,

I’ve just come off stage at Fianna Fáil’s Ard Fheis, where I’ve outlined the difficult measures we’re having to take to help return the country to growth. I was frank about the scale of the problems we face, but I’m optimistic about the ability of the Irish people to meet these challenges through the hard work and ingenuity we’ve always shown. We’re a resilient and creative nation and we’ll meet our challenges together.

You’ve heard from me, now I want to hear from you.

I’m asking each of you to submit a question for me, which I’ll answer as many as I can via video right here on the new Fianna Fáil website. Submit your questions at:

To better serve you, and to help lead us out of this recession, I want to hear what you thought of my speech, the questions you might have about some of the important measures I’ve announced and your ideas about how Fianna Fáil can set Ireland back on the road to growth and renewed prosperity.

Ask me questions – as directly as you want to – and I’ll answer them in the clearest terms possible. I want to embrace a new openness and engage with you in honest conversation about the direction of the country. Post a question for me:

Our Ard Fheis is finishing up now and I’d like to thank the many thousands of Fianna Fail members who came and made their voices heard.

Wishing you and your family security in these difficult times,

Brian Cowen


P.S. if you were unable to attend the Ard Fheis or missed the coverage on television and radio, we covered the event on our website and we’ll be adding more speeches and video over the coming days.

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