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Campaign Diary #14

October 16th, 2011 · 3 Comments · Elections, General Election 2011, Irish Politics

A Bumper Weekend Edition

First up today’s REDC opinion poll leader Sean Gallagher. His presidential election broadcast.

Brendan Strong blogs his opinions on the candidates.


The Gay Mitchell Story – according to Johnny Doyle!


Channel 4 News have been over for a visit. Carl Dinnen’s report on the campaign.


I previously mentioned the Youth Forum organised by which took place yesterday. Five candidates attended and it turned out to be a most lively event. I do have doubts about all these forums and their value and I am sure that candidates are exhausted with them. More on the issue anon. The forum is very much worth the watch though, a few digs thrown. McGuinness seems tired and fed up, Norris is as loud as ever, Higgins was whipping up a storm, Gallagher still does not know what he thinks about childrens rights in same sex families. The questions were fairly direct including two to Mary Davis about her opinions on airbrushing of images and their impact on young women and body image. There seemed to be amazing energy in the room.

Cork Feminista on why we need a Pro-Choice President.


James G. Cussen ponders Dana as President (not likely) and the limits of the presidential powers.


Campaign Music/Homage! From The Irish Scaramouche


Has anyone seen Gerry Adams?

Flor McCarthy has a look at the lack of debate on the referenda

I would be very happy to accept guest posts on the referenda from either side or neither! Email tips @


Astrologically speaking it appears Michael D. Higgins will be the next president.
Yup we have astrology folks – it is the weekend edition!

Michael D. Higgins’ Solar Lunar Return (Scorpio 2.58) is cazimi and since the Moon as lunar return is Michael D. himself (Lunar Return Moon is an intensification of the self) as well as taking its meaning from its source, the Solar Return where it is lord 1 (Michael D. himself), it is emphatically clear that the raising up (cazimi) belongs to Michael D. Note lord 7, Jupiter perfects by mutual application its tight opposition with the Sun.

So now you know!


A final nod to Sean Gallagher, well to DTFinn, animator!



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