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Campaign Diary #16

October 18th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Elections, Irish Politics, Trot for the ARAS 2011

Firstly some posts on the referendums which you should go and read before you vote.

Andrea Pappin has a post on the Judicial Pay Referendum and will be returning for a go at the Oireachtas Inquiry Referendum.

Fiona de Londras has also written regarding the Judicial Pay Referendum. Both posts have links within to other reading.

Estelle Feldman, a researcher from the Law Department in TCD has established a website to campaign for a no vote on both referenda.


The TG4 Presidential Election debate will be shown at 7pm this evening. Hosted by Paidí Ó Lionáird, it’ll be bilingual and if the one during the General Election is anything to go by it should be entertaining.


Last night on Vincent Browne, FF Senator Thomas Byrne said he’d never had a conversation with Sean Gallagher. Watch this and decide for yourselves if it were possible for him as chair of Ogra FF not to have spoken to Sean (who loves Ogra). PS Labour Party types find something else to send me re someone other than Sean or head out and canvass for your own candidate!


Speaking of Sean (yes I must) the quest to indicate his physical stamina and virility continues. Skipping, sean nos and yesterday JUDO!  (Fifth one in with a black belt and the suit trousers.)

Of course this means if elected that Russian/Irish relations would be improved no end with Putin/Gallagher bouts agreeing beef deals and the like.


David Norris’s speech outside Leinster House yesterday – he seems surprised by the crowd – well if you will tweet about special announcements this is what one gets.  Pity he didn’t match the tweet with some substance.


Human Resources bloggers are getting in on the action.  Darren Connolly from Morgan McKinley is writing about the selection process but seems to have forgotten Dana Rosemary Scallon.


Helen Carroll is blogging about posters and their use in beehives.

—– ,  who describe themselves as a  non-partisan, non-profit campaign to provide relevant, comparable and objective information to the Irish Electorate has been asking questions of the candidates and are publishing one set of answers daily.    The text heavy format in different fonts and sizes is difficult and it may help if all the answers were published at once.




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