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Campaign Song – Liam Twomey Rap

February 17th, 2011 · 11 Comments · Elections, General Election 2011, Irish Politics

From Wexford YFG



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  • SeanR

    How embarrassing!

  • Jim

    oh dear

  • Brendan

    Toe-curling cringe!! Twomey is a good guy but this is illuminous Bermuda short wearing 1980’s at its worst!

  • James

    Anything to get the name out eh!

  • Sarah

    Very different. Very catchy. Only Liam Twomey would be able to do this and get away with it.

  • Karl

    Looks like Twomey has his election all RAPPED up! Another one for RTÉ’s ‘Ireland’s Got [No] Talent’. Should make the final at least, judging on what “Talent” is already on the show.

  • john

    good tune !

  • Redsign Design

    All just a bit of craic!

  • Elpenor

    Yes good craic indeed, soooo Redsign what do you do when you’re not making truly awful propaganda videos for the craic?

  • Redsign Design

    Hi Elpenor!

    Well this is the first and only video. When not making videos, offering free design services to struggling businesses to help them build a web presence in order to try and create a new source of income.


  • Elpenor

    Well if it’s you first I ought to give you a break, I’m obviously not a very good judge of a campaign video anyhow given Twomey was elected. Good luck with what you’re doing I’m sure you’ll be a success with that attitude and in a few years time when you’ve a thriving business, you’ll look back and remember how you kicked the pricks 😉