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Candidate to canvass for votes shock

February 5th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

So the websites and blog suggestions I asked for are arriving and before I try to sort them all into parties and themes and types young Simon Harris caught my eye. The youngest FG candidate (according to Simon and who am I to dispute him!) currently works for Senator Frances Fitzgerald and is a nephew of John Bailey, FG councillor in Dun Laoighaire Rathdown County Council.

Simon isn’t blogging but uses a blogger template to publish his press releases – ones with very long titles.

FG Representative aims to generate a greater level of interest and enthusiasm in local politics by visiting thousands of homes, discussing issues with local residents and hearing people’s concerns

People of Greystones, Kilcoole and elsewhere you are hereby advised – Simon is on his way. In fact he’s on his way to visit 5,000 homes because he’s found something – a disconnect. Now he’s not the first politician or wannabe politician who has found this completely alien (to me!) concept but Simon wants to end it!

Often there is a disconnect between the views of people in the locality and the actions of Wicklow County Council – people can feel that they are only listened to for those few weeks before an election – I want to end this. If we are to restore confidence, trust and interest in politics and local government, people must be involved at all stages of the process – their views must be heard and taken on board. It is with all this in mind that I intend to embark on a visit to 5,000 homes in the locality so that I can engage with people, hear their views, take on board their concerns and discuss how, together, we can address both the challenges and the opportunities facing our community and our county.”

Now to the delicate matter of politicians only being seen at election time and the even more delicate matter of electoral areas and in house agreements amongst candidates sharing an electoral ticket.

“Politicians shaking hands with people three weeks before an election once every five years is never going to be adequate to address the gap which has developed between politicians and the people they represent. Every politician needs to remember that the only mandate they receive is to represent the interests of the people in their electoral area – I believe there is no more effective way to demonstrate this by directly meeting with as many people as possible,” said Mr Harris.

I do wonder if Simon knows what his electoral area is because I’d say it’s a bit less than 5,000 houses¬† and there are probably a few fellow FG candidates looking at him silently and saying keep to ‘your own area’.

Simon, you see, is running for Greystones Town Council and has been selected but he is seeking a place on a ticket to run for Wicklow County Council also but according to some of my chickens in Wicklow the selection convention seems to keep running away from him.

Simon believes in this new venture so much he tells us in his press release that he knows the hardships he’ll have to face.

“There will be days and nights when it will be cold or rainy or windy – but nonetheless, I am excited and buoyed up by the idea of directly meeting with so many people

I’m nearly thinking of organising a whip round for Simon so he can buy a wet suit. I wonder how his canvass team feel about the visits to 5,000 houses in Wicklow looking to reconnect the disconnects?¬† If anyone receives a visit maybe you’ll let us know about the experience and if you got reconnected?

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