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State of the Nation Part Deux

February 6th, 2009 · 16 Comments · Irish Politics, Recession

‘If we decide to wallow in sea of doubt don’t be suprised if we remain in the turbulent waters we are in today…’ 

Brian Cowen, Dublin February 5 2009

What you mean you missed it again? Don’t worry you are not a completely incompetent media consumer – An Taoiseach Brian Cowen spoke without a script for 16/17 minutes last night to an audience of business types at Dublin Chamber of Commerce and the only media person present was Harry McGee!  Bet he blogs about it later! (And voila he did!)

So we’ve had our second speech off the cuff (that’d be picking his cuffs) this week. An Taoiseach is working up to the real one maybe? These are just rehearsals to the trailer in Clara or the studio in RTE! I can feel your excitement too!

And you can listen to last nights speech here thanks to Newstalk who’ve released the file as a podcast – Dublin Chamber of Commerce helpfully recorded the performance. 

Obamalike (I kid you not!) has already been mentioned on the radio this morning – what do you think?

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