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Co Sie Gapisz Lesbo?!

March 6th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Gay, Homophobia, Lesbian, LGBT, Poland, Queer

What you staring at, dyke?!

‘The campaigns teaser posters “What are you staring at, faggot!?” and “What are you staring at, dyke!?” are used as a symbolic summary of all the wide-spread forms of homophobia in Poland today – regular hate-speech from the leading politicians, growing intolerance and exclusion by the other groups of society, negative stereotyping by the media etc. The teasers are to evoke the feeling of being attacked, being insulted and create an understanding of what are the effects of homophobia; the whole campaign aims to combat negative attitudes and intolerance towards lesbians and gays.’

This campaign was launched on the streets of Warsaw today under the Council of Europe’s All Different, All Equal Campaign. Accompanying the on street poster campaign is an exhibition entitled ‘Homophobia, this is what it looks like!’

This campaign is a brave move by the Polish gay movement (KPH) following years of violence, banning of parades, closure of bars, and state sanctioned campaigns of hate and ignorance. Poland’s entrance into the EU has seen the government and it’s agencies prevent gay organisations participate in EU programmes aimed at fostering diversity and intercultural learning.

I know one of those involved in the campaign and wondered with him last week if the initiative could be brought to Dublin. Aimed at supporting the Polish lesbian and gay community in Ireland I think the posters could have a real impact.

I do have problems with David Norris’s assessment of the Polish Community (reg. required) and Poland in general in the Irish Independent last month. I don’t believe that Polish citizens living here necessarily agree with their president’s recent comments. Many have in fact left Poland because of the type of politics that their President represents.

However I do know from a Polish gay man living here that he tends to stay away from Polish bars and venues in Dublin and has also experienced discrimination on the gay scene here from Irish lesbians and gay men.

Maybe this is something that the NCCRI, the Equality Authority and other organisations could get involved in? And extend it to the major languages and cultures currently represented in the country. I know many people would say that we should get our own house in order first with regards to homophobia amongst Irish citizens living here but a campaign addressing everyone should be part of the initiative to stop the type of cultural elitism that Senator Norris recently entered into.

Finally to Greg, well done sunshine, it’s a powerful statement that you and your colleagues are making and good luck with the Granny….x



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