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Declan Ganley – Primetimed

November 28th, 2008 · 9 Comments · Irish Politics, Lisbon

Just finished watching the Primetime special on Declan Ganley, had to keep reminding myself it was a special on the founder of Libertas and not a certain runaway solicitor (yup am waiting for that one! – it’ll be a popcorn and champagne night.)

Katie Hannon has been busy chasing leads and putting questions to Ganley, Nunn and McGuirk. I liked her style but could have done with less of the scary music!!

After a tour of Eastern Europe including Albania and Latvia and a lot of talk about contracts and deals and non deals in the USA  we find out the Standards in Public Office Commission are on the hunt (performing an investigation under Irish Law on the sources of funds of third parties) for the source of the money for Libertas, the loan from Ganley in particular – but Ganley thinks SIPO are part of the Brussels conspiracy that is out to get him and is going legal.  (Every rumour or story seems to emanate from Brussels – I worry if Brussells is such a terrible place why is Mr. Ganley headed there shortly!)

So have you seen it? Your thoughts?? Gavin does not understand why Ganley gets Primetimed about his finances and not the other political parties…


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  • john

    Saw the show. Terrible journalism. Many avenues of investigation. None explored to any real conclusion.
    Agenda wasn’t made clear and from the tone and overall mud slinging style it is hard to believe there was none.

    May sound synical but it would appear to me that this is a case of “The people have spoken, blame Declan Ganley”.

    Maybe if Mr. Ganley or his money are made to appear as dubioous as possible, the people may accept another opportunity to vote.

    The reality is that people did not understand the treaty, were not intended to understand the treaty and were expected to vote yes because they were told it was good and we owed it to Europe. Didn’t happen.

    Mr. Ganley makes himself an easy target. He is however entitled to keep his private affairs private. Sure, we would all love to know more about his background and money and that is why we tuned in. We learned next to nothing. Mr. Ganley was poor on camera. He did fumble. He did seem taken aback. None of this however offers one shred of evidence of anything ilegal.

    I think most people would agree that given the tone, style, willingness to go down investigative cul de sacs and lingering inconclusiveness of the show point to a possibility of someone somewhere wanting to blacken Declan Ganley. Why? Not likely to be over a schoolyart spat. My guess it has to do with Lisbon.

  • James

    I think we are entitled to know who Ganley is. We know very clearly who all the other politicians are. For somebody that has never made a single comment on Ireland or Irish politics to suddenly spearhead a campaign that cost more than a million Euro and now refuse to say where that money came from? Why are we not outraged? If a ‘normal’ FG/FF/Lab/Green/SF politician suddenly spent one million Euro on a political campaign and then refused to tell SIPO where he/she got the money….

    Proper order, Primetime. Well done Katie Hannon.

    If there were straightforward answers to these questions, then why did he not give them?

    I saw no mudslinging, John. I saw answers coming from Ganley that were at odds with other trusted sources. I saw issues that he had the opportunity to clear up and he refused to do so. This is very worrying.

    Primetime has a long record of great investigative journalism, John. Last night we saw another example of it.

  • Dan Sullivan

    James, if you were to compare the actual income of the major political parties in Ireland with the disclosed donations as they have recorded them to SIPO then you would see an enormous gap between what they raise and what they disclose.

    And it’s all perfectly legal and above board, they are merely working within the rules as they exist. If those rules are a farce and someone like Ganley makes use of the farce then shouldn’t we look to change the rules instead of crying foul when no evidence to date of a foul according to the current rules has emerged. It might yet but it hasn’t to date.

  • Gerard Cunningham

    “Maybe if Mr. Ganley or his money are made to appear as dubious as possible, the people may accept another opportunity to vote.”

    Maybe. It was a depressing report though. The entire section on the Albanian lawyer smacked of guilt by association, and only the last five minutes or soreally mattered as story. Where the money came from is important. Follow The Money is always the first rule. But Prime Time failed completely to get an answer to that question. It also says something about our regulatory authorities that SIPO’s only sanction is to threaten to send it’s final report to Dáil Éireann. I’m sure Ganley is shaking in his boots.

    The funding of Irish politics is effectively unregulated, not just in the case of Libertas, but all parties. I suppose we should be thankful at least that Ganley didn’t tell us he won it on the horses in Manchester.

  • Fergus O'Rourke


    Just what do you mean by “trusted sources” ?

    Primetime has a long record of shoddy investigative journalism, James. On Thursday night we saw another example of it.

    Not that I am a Ganley fan – I tend to share Gavin’s point of view on him.

  • Greg

    I think people are forgeting that Mr Declan Ganley is only one citizen in this country. Tne majority of Irish people have voted NO to Lisbon on many issues and a small percentage of these voted NO due to the insight given by Mr Ganley and his party. If the Irish Media driven by the Irish Government with direction from Brussels succeed in taking Mr Ganley and his party out, it wont make a bit of difference to another vote, its only going to strengthen the NO side.
    We have to keep remembering why we have an opportunity to vote not like the majority of the other countries citizens, its the forward thinking ot the founders of this state. We owe them alot of gratitude and we also owe the next generation of this country that same opportunity to have control over their own future.
    Bring on another refferendum!!

  • damien

    I didn’t watch the whole thing as I’m fed up of Ganley. He got his way, now I wish he’d just go away.

    But I did catch McGuirk being made to look like a dolt, which I loved because – well – he’s a dolt.

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  • Olivia

    Hey Folks,

    Interesting disucssions by everyone. This programme served one purpose and one purpose only, to try and discredit Declan Ganley in the run of to Lisbon II.

    You need only ask yourself one question in relation to this matter!

    Why did RTE spend the highest amount of money ever (over half a million) for one episode of a tv series in the history of the station? Would this money not have been better spent on something else, like explaining the ins and outs of the Lisbon Treaty

    Think about it.