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Tesco Price scalping…and increased EU consumer protection

December 1st, 2008 · 7 Comments · Consumer blogging


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Conor Pope’s post last week (more in today’s Pricewatch in the Irish Times) drew my attention to the hikes that some customers were noticing at Tesco. I’ve been getting deliveries from Tesco for the past few weeks due to the lack of wheels (ah that’s another story – life without the mothership sucks!)

Anyway shopping online I’ve noticed several significant price rises…

Tesco’s finest sausages 205 g were 1.59 – now 1.96 – a 25 percent increase!!  A triple pack of hummus is up 30 cent, Spinach is up 59 cent a pack.

This in not a sterling thing or a VAT thing, it’s a ‘let’s sneakily put the prices up after a load of hoo haa’ in September.  So where are the black and amber signs to warn us of the price rises Tesco? Ah there’s an idea!!

Tesco’s delivery service is hit and miss by the way in terms of the times they say they will come. I do like the fact they will substitute if you want and then take back stuff you don’t like.  The delivery drivers are all very helpful when they do arrive.

In other news I noticed that the European Commission have launched a new initiative on unfair sales pitches and other dodgy consumer practices. A new directive protecting the rights of consumers in terms of commercial transactions is in effect. All very handy as more and more people dig around for online and offline bargains anywhere but here. I don’t think it will protect us from Tesco fleecing us though!

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