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Increased feminisation of the Irish blogosphere*

February 25th, 2007 · 5 Comments · Blogging, Feminism, Social Media

hee hee….

All da techno blogging lads (I love you all dearly!) were busy posting welcoming back Karlin Lillington to blogging earlier on in the week. I was very happy too as I know Karlin of old and really value her work but also I was chuffed because it’s good to see another woman back blogging. We lost a few in the past year, and not just any few. A few of the best Irish bloggers in terms of content, profile and presence had decided to hang up their keyboards and that saddened me.

And today I hear that That Girl too has those moments thinking ‘I must blog about that’ and has decided to blog again. Welcome back TG – the other blog didn’t do it for me at all but that’s just me, it’s good to see TOL back with us!

*And I don’t really want a comment war on gender on blogging please – I’m happy about it, I’ve said why I’m happy about it, I know some people couldn’t care less.



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  • that girl

    Now now…are you starting one of those gender wars to get the ratings up lol! If I could only get my comments dusted off and working then we’d be back in business!

  • Maman Poulet

    Nope – not interested in any gender war at all, just want to be able to comment on the significance of it – cos it’s my blog and I think it’s significant! As we know from previous incidents others don’t find it so – but I like breaking through the testosterone filled air from time to time. 🙂

  • Andrew Cox

  • that girl

    Good on ya! I’m looking forward to rolling my sleeves up over the next week or two as well..

  • fústar

    Speaking of the “increased feminisation of the Irish blogosphere”, I’ve started writing about dolls…

    I’m not cynically trying to reach a new audience…I just quite like dolls. Especially cheap and tawdry ones.