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It’s a round up – Politicians blogging the snow

January 9th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Blogging, Irish Politics

We’ve not seen blogging from politicians like this since oh… last May.  Some out there may be planning a funeral for blogs but before you set out for the obsequies come with me on a journey around Ireland to see what snowballs wait to greet you!

I previously referred to Thomas Byrne TD (FF) and his search for grit.  Minister of State Aine Brady has not been seen much since she took on the brief of minister for older people and indeed I was looking for her recently along with Noel ‘Flight from holiers cancelled due to the snow’ Dempsey and John Gormley (Now known thanks to Tommy Broughan as government mudguard instead of Minister for Snow and Ice)

Junior Minister Brady is blogging on the Fianna Fáil website if you are looking for her, she praises Council staff in Kildare and other councils for their work. She also asks older people to take care and others to ‘make a special effort to keep an eye on their older neighbours and relatives, particularly those living alone.’

Is it not snowing in Tallaght, Charlie O’Connor? Surely he’ll be along soon to tell us?

Thomas Byrne by the way has got a postbox in Julianstown recently to replace the recently closed  post office, two of his constituents have been in touch with me, one of them can’t walk to the postbox though due to the lack of gritting.

Senator Paschal Donohue (FG) was wondering where the cabinet went to after their christmas kite flying flurry.

I’ve still not found Enda Kenny but Deirdre Clune TD (FG), who is taking to the blog lark with vigour, is writing spurred on by her colleague Shane McEntee who is the FG spokesperson on Transport.   She has a 3 point plan for ice-bound Ireland. Deirdre is no doubt inspired in her blogging by her FG colleague Cllr. Laura McGonigle who during last month’s flooding provided a near unique public service through her blog with water notices and other information. This time Laura has been blogging and tweeting about weather warnings and roads and water issues in her role as a Cork City Councillor.

Wexford Cllr Joe Ryan (Labour) is a frequent blogger and even has a Liveline appearance this week under his wing talking about the snow. He’s been talking to council officials and explaining to constituents about the problems with gritting and who’s responsible for what (in his view anyway!)

To be fair to the officials (I hope I’m not accused of having been domesticated by officials), they cannot spread grit that they are not responsible for ordering. Rock salt supplies are ordered by the NRA and the provision is put out to tender because of the value. Moreover the council has let go workers because of the reductions in allocations by central government. The point I’ve made to people who’ve raised it with me is that I cannot spend what I’m not given to pay someone who isn’t there to spread what isn’t bought!

FG Dublin City Councillor Eoghan Murphy (remember him!) doesn’t have a blog, well it looks like he’s updating his website with relevant information for constituents anyhow.

Ciaran Cuffe TD. (Green) is blogging about the Killiney Alps, urging us to be careful out there and giving links to safe driving and local council contacts. Ciaran had a fall earlier in the week, not on the snow but in Next in Blackrock Shopping Centre. Hope the ribs recover soon!

By the way in non snow related blogging Liz McManus TD (Labour) and Ciaran Cuffe are continuing a radio interview they were participating in by blogging about each other on the issue of postcodes. They don’t see eye to eye!

Finally to candidates everywhere – if you are still looking for a use for those election posters, James Lawless who contested the local elections in Kildare for Fianna Fáil has a great suggestion

Planning to recycle some election posters into snow toboggans tomorrow – predrilled rope holes and proven tough exterior!

Maybe James got the idea from those who used the posters of fellow candidate and Former Dublin City Councillor David Gaynor for a bit of fun in the Phoenix Park this week.

Happy Sliding! And of course if anyone has any other musings, videos, photos etc. regarding politicians, politics and snow/ice related issues let me know!



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