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‘Mr. Drumm, It’s Charlie Bird from RTE, Can I talk to you?’

April 1st, 2010 · 8 Comments · Irish Media, Michael Lynn, MSM

Update: Video is at the end of this post

Have a look here – at 22.54 minutes in and watch Anne Doyle calmly introduce the TV News moment so far for 2010.

Charlie Bird is back viewers … back with a bang. After over a year of isolation and loneliness as RTE’s Washington correspondent, Charlie has found a role for himself in the coverage of Anglo Irish Bank and Ireland’s financial meltdown.  And it’s no April Fool.

He went on the road to Cape Cod in Boston looking for former Anglo Irish Bank CEO David Drumm who has moved to live there.  Mr Drumm owes money on loans amongst other issues.

In classic Bird fashion Charlie found the house and went knocking at the door.

I’ve transcribed the important bit.

We were set up for drama…

CB: As we approached the house it had all the appearances as if there was no-one at home

[Knock knock knock]

CB: Oh they’re there, he’s there [Cue viewers going ‘oh yeah!’]

CB:Mr. Drumm, It’s Charlie Bird from RTE, Can I talk to you?

CB: It’s Charlie Bird from RTE

CB: Why are you ducking down?

DD: Charlie, What are you doing?

CB: I want to talk to you

DD: [Muffled – we can assume Drumm said you can’t come in or something polite like that]

CB: Well can I talk you outside

DD: No you can’t

DD: Have a bit of respect, will you, I have my family here in the house Charlie.

CB: There are tax payers at home in Ireland who would like to have some answers.

DD: Did you see the sign at the gate?

CB: There are some tax payers…

DD: Leave Now

CB: Ok, thank you very much

We later find that Charlie discovers that Drumm has protected his home from claims from people who are owed money. (Read Cape Cod Online’s report on the recent interest of Irish media in the house).

We’ve lost George Lee’s gleeful tones during the last while, but let’s have more Bird please – much more. Let’s send Charlie around the world to find Seanie Fitz, Sean Quinn, David Drumm, oh and Michael Lynn too while you are at it.  Please RTE!!! It’s in the national interest

And can someone please put it up on Youtube for posterity?? Thank you!


Many thanks to Alexia Golez for the video in an accessible format!

Drumm Doorstep feat Charlie Bird from Alexia Golez on Vimeo.


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