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Palin/McCain Cancel Meeting with Bono

September 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments · US Election 2008

Aw shucks – no chance to overhear mention of Sarah’s favourite U2 number during the pleasantries.

According to ABC Bono wasn’t too happy meeting her in front of any cameras anyway which would suit Palin and the McCain Campaign down to the ground given their keep ‘Sarah from the press strategy’.

I’ve just seen the first part of Palin’s interview with Katie Couric. Car Crash TV from a campaign in meltdown. She couldn’t find what Katie was looking for! (Markos Moulitsas says she makes Bush look good – oh dear!)

They are going to talk on the phone with Bono instead.

UPDATE: The One campaign have released a statement on the phone call (and it was Even Better than the Real Thing) (Yes I had considered a whole post made up of U2 song titles but I had my mullet cut last week…)

“Because of gridlock in Manhattan and in the markets, we spoke over the phone. We had a spritely discussion across a few subjects, including progress on AIDS and malaria and the use of non-military tools as part of United States foreign policy. I enjoyed it and look forward to speaking with Senators Obama and Biden shortly,� said Bono.

Gridlock? That’s surely the campaign in Gridlock.

Bono likes Obama very much by the way.

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