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Science Week – Childhood Inventions…

November 14th, 2007 · 4 Comments · Science Week

So bloggers all over Ireland are going doolally over a science week competition to win a Wii (that yoke you see on the telly with Ian Wright and his son and other celebrities standing up with a white stick device in their hand).

I’ve decided I don’t want to win a Wii – the titles we’ve been asked to blog about aren’t to my liking…

Hence I bring you my most hated invention from my childhood.

It drove me fucking mental. I have dyspraxia – I couldn’t do drawing, lego, meccano, shapes, jigsaws, sewing, and make and do kits brought me to tears within seconds. But I did like machines – and of course I’m a gadget addict now…But being able to use a machine when I was a child…sigh…

Anyway the Simon machine was huge at the time – but when I got one I couldn’t keep up with it and always lost when I managed to get anyone to play with. Simon could go shove himself….And it ate batteries… Actually there is a title for science week posts – tell us all the things you did to keep batteries going for the various toys you had.



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