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Slip up of the year – early entry!

February 17th, 2008 · 6 Comments · Disability, Irish Media, Uncategorized

Jim Rodgers – Lord Mayor of Belfast speaking this week on Radio Ulster’s Good Morning Ulster on the matter of the state of Belfast’s appalling pavements at the moment. From the Belfast Telegraph.

During a live radio discussion yesterday about the poor condition of pavements in Belfast city centre, Mr Rodgers said the footpaths were difficult for disabled people to negotiate as well as “human beings”.

Lord Mayor Rodgers was quickly picked up on his comment by the presenter and later told the Belfast Telegraph

“I did correct it at the time and made it quite clear that the footpaths were problems for disabled people, able bodied people and also those with buggies. It was a genuine slip of the tongue made during an early morning telephone call – that’s all it was.

“There was absolutely no offence intended. As one who is actively involved with disability groups I would never intentionally offend anyone.

Ah yes, early morning unconscious dropping of the guard or something…or what?? Vaughan over at Ouch is being very charitable



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