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Maman Poulet | Clucking away crookedly through media, politics and life

Snowed in links

November 30th, 2010 · 4 Comments · linkiness

Trapped in on bone protection duty. At a time of the year I can’t be trapped in but anyway, reports won’t write themselves I suppose.   A few sneachta inspired diversions for you.

- Fintan O’Toole has a new website and campaign for radical political reform.

He was a good choice for MC on Saturday’s march – I’ve still not processed the whole thing, it was like being at a funeral in O’Connell Street. A funeral for the unions or the nation or something. There was a huge non union turn out and someone has to harness that.  But it won’t be the unions probably because they can’t or maybe that should be they shouldn’t.

- Speaking of the unions, I expect to hear strong opposition to this. Crazy stuff when SNA’s and other posts are being done away with.  What’s next? Unpaid Gardai?

- Meet the weather enthusiasts at Irish Weather Online – the best thing I’ve found oh since the last weather incident.  A great twitter account and a good sense of humour predicting the trends and explaining meterological terms.  I now know what Graupel is! Do you?

- The Community Platform commissioned research on their wealth tax idea and unsurprisingly found out that a lot of people agreed with them.

– Abara, the International Disability Film Festival is on this weekend.

- From Liffey Sound 96.4fm

“Liffey Sound 96.4fm, Lucan’s Community Radio Station is making a documentary entitled “Coping, Moping, Hoping”. The subject matter concerns  the manner in which families living in Lucan have been affected by the current economic recession. If you would like to share your own story of how you and your family have been affected we’d love to hear from you.  All names used  will be changed to ensure confidentiality. We intend to broadcast the one hour documentary early in 2011.

Please e-mail, or if you think you may be able to help us.

- Outhouse, Dublin’s LGBT Community Centre are recruiting for a Community Worker.

- Ok if you have a spider/insect phobia don’t go here – it seems that the Praying Mantis doesn’t bit the head of her partner after they shag and the research was flawed.

Now aren’t you glad you dropped by for a read?


Tags: #bailout #budget11·snow

4 Comments so far

  • Dan

    The unions should not try and rein in the people whom are not already following their lead. Begg was booed, which wasn’t reported on the RTE’s 9o’clock news that night, and Joe Higgins and the new United Left Alliance seemed to receive a better response than any of the speakers at the ‘official’ demo. The unions are running blind with their tails between their legs. They accepted the Croke Park deal but their isn’t any mention of that anywhere. In this time of political uncertainty where everybody is trying to gain the upper hand, the unions are no better than the politicians. They too are playing the propaganda game.

    The point was made on Saturday, that the union leaders are so disconnected from the reality of the plight that their attempt to paper over the cracks is obvious. David Begg is, as far as I can find out, still on the Board of the central bank, and Aer Lingus.

    He is being paid €45,000 per year to be on the board of Aer Lingus. The problem is not directly with him being a board member, but is a good example of the fact that he has little or nothing in common with the average worker.

    His approx total yearly salary is estimated to be about €210,000 – €45,000 from each of the board memberships and a reported 120,000 from the ICTU

  • Dee

    Jack O’Connor said on the radio that no union member is allowed personally profit from positions that they hold representing the union.

    Any payment arising from Board memberships is paid into union central funds not treated as personal salary.

    “estimated” “reported” – are these good enough criteria when using guesstimates about someone’s salary to make a political point? Especially when the model being used to “estimate” is wrong.

  • recycled employee

    edited for legal reasons

  • Dan

    Jack O’ Connor is the head of SIPTU I believe which itself is a member of the ICTU, of which David Begg is the head. Just because they sit side by side doesn’t mean that they’re on an equal level.

    Michael O’ Leary accused Begg of pocketing 75,000 from his membership of the Aer Lingus board, but O’Leary was forced to apologise because it is only 45,000. No mention of this flowing into union coffers though.

    And if he isn’t paid 120,000, say its 80,000 or even 60,000 that’s still more than enough for any trade unionist I would have imagined…

    But maybe that’s just me…

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