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The Bye-Election that time overtook

November 25th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Elections, Irish Politics

It’s election day in Donegal South West. Not that anyone cares about it anymore unfortunately. The Green Party’s decision to seek a general election early next year put paid to that. (I was going to say withdraw from government but they seem very much part of it given their support for the Four Year Plan).

Yesterday Fianna Fáil remembered their candidate and uploaded this video. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a video of Brian Cowen’s speech in Castlefin on Saturday night which by all accounts (well there was only one journalist in the room) was a barnstormer.

Enda Kenny also remembered late that there is an election today and emailed people after midnight looking for votes for his party’s candidate Barry O’Neiill.

Never in my time in politics have I seen anything like what has happened in the last few weeks. Our country is in a crisis, the like of which we haven’t witnessed since the very foundation of the State. The whole of Europe, and many beyond, are watching Ireland and waiting to see what happens next.

And today all those eyes are now watching Donegal South West. It is a massive honour, with considerable responsibility, for the people in Donegal South West to have a chance to send a message of hope and a message of change to the watching world….

…This is going to be a hard fought vote right up to close of polls – the Donegal Times, for instance, this week has a poll prediction showing Barry O’Neill and the Sinn Fein candidate neck and neck on the first count. So, make your vote count today. Be part of the start of a new era for Irish politics. More of the same just won’t do any more. We need a new start as a country. The first step begins in Donegal today.

Vote for Barry O’Neill today, or call someone in Donegal South West that you know and ask them to support Barry, and send a message that no-one in Government or beyond can ignore.


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