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Strongly Independent, weakly Fianna Fáil?

May 8th, 2009 · 18 Comments · Elections, Irish Politics, Uncategorized

The tales of bad receptions on doorsteps and signs warning FF/Green Party canvassers to stay away continue to accelerate.  Finding posters of Fianna Fail candidates from Dublin to Letterkenny today was difficult – lots of the Chairman (more about him and the way he might smile at you later) and plenty for various  Sinn Fein, Fine Gael and the rare Green candidates.  Where there are posters the logos are very very difficult to see!

The stories and pictures are starting to come in from around the country including this evening pictures of  the first candidates who are confused.  Indeed some could be done under the politicians descriptions act if we had one!

Cllr. Tom Reilly is a member of Fianna Fáil and is elected to Galway County Council and Tuam Town Council. He is seeking re-election to both. If you examine his profile on the Fianna Fáil website you’ll see he’s a member of many organisations and he’s very much a member of Fianna Fáil.

Except if you are walking through the streets of Tuam you’ll see these and find difficulty in locating the FF Logo!

Yes it would appear Tom’s aiming to be Your Strong Independent Candidate – Independent of what?

Update – *Actually the poster is on top of one of  genuine Independent Cllr Sean Canney!

All other sightings of interesting local or european election memorabilia are most welcome to tips (@)

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18 Comments so far

  • shirley

    Aren’t there TWO posters there? (I’m sure I can see the head of an entirely different candidate, no?)

  • Maman Poulet

    Do you mean Tom has been doing a bit of recycling? Wonder if there was a strong independent candidate running before? And wondering where the official FF posters are? Questions Questions!!

  • Annie

    Is it not that it’s another person’s poster below his that’s slightly over lapping on top? The lower one is much wider and I can the beginning of someone else’s head.

    Still no Fianna Fail logo though unless it’s hidden underneath!

  • Paul

    As far as I know posters on roundabouts are not permitted in any authority area. Sinn Fein chose not to read the guidelines for South Dublin Council.

    Honestly, how could one vote for the representative of a party that flaunts rules from the off…

  • Maman Poulet

    I think from this picture we can see a different poster tag line has been attached – I can’t see another poster underneath – the photo has definitely been cut and and added on to the board alright.

    Now I have two other pictures sent to me – this one on another pole without the tagged bit

    and this one which shows the top of the tag line.

    Postergate eh?

    If Tom himself would like to clarify I’d be very interested!

  • Keith

    >posters on roundabouts are not permitted in any authority area

    There’s no such rule. The only road areas where posters are prohibited are motorways. Otherwise, as long as they’re not obstructing road users’ view or traffic signs, there are no particular restrictions.

  • Mark

    I’m fairly sure he’s not claiming to be a strongly independent candidate, that’s definitely another candidate’s poster beneath his with that tagline.

    However, there’s absolutely no FF branding on his poster either.

  • Paul Moloney

    Would it be vandalism to add FF stickers to their posters?


  • Marie

    Just been canvassing on a working class estate in Bray, and there’s not an FF poster to be seen in the area. Mind you, judging from what people were saying today about FF & Greens, they’d have to have some cojones to even think about canvassing there.

  • SeanR

    Can we move on from Tom to Niamh?

    While this is indicative of what my favorite sociologist, Erving Goffman, would call ‘role distance’, there is also interesting tactics from a newbie FF candidate in my neck of the woods.

    Solicitor Niamh Moran (very Swedish blue/ yellow masthead on her missive that was put in the door today) is a “new positive voice for Fingal” who seems to feel that “many residents are frustrated with our public transport system and in particular our buses. I believe that the progression of our rail networks is essential to address our road congestion in the longer term. Work has commences on the 7.5km Dunboyne rail line with the service due to open in 2010…. [blah, blah, blah…] If elected, I will be keeping pressure on to see this project completed as a priority. {Huh? This project, which I see on the bus into town each day is progressing nicely, what the hell is she on about?]

    [It goes on… yawn, waiting for buses is bad…]

    “One of my priorities if elected is “real time” buses, to this end, I am conducting the enclosed survey overleaf which I intend to present along with my transportation submission on Dublin 15 to the Minister for Transport”.

    [Nothing to indicate who is the Min for Transport, not mentioned by name, ie. a FF colleague, etc.]
    [BTW, are councillors involved in national transport policy?]

    [She ends with…]

    “I am hardworking and committed and I would welcome the opportunity to represent you and your interests in addressing these and other local issues on Fingal County Council, if you choose to elect me.

    If there is any matter in respect of I can be of assistance or you would like further information, or would like to get involved in my campaign, please feel free to contact me.

    I hope to meet you soon.


    OMG. I completely understand why the soldiers of density are getting two fingers of support at the doorstep if this is what’s being churned out….
    This sounds like an awful ending to a job application…. There is no mention of FF, the Republican Party, Cowen, etc.

    Her mail address is her solicitor’s practice. Her email address is and her addy is and not the website (ie. the party’s).

    How’s that for role distance from the wreckage of the economy, the Cowenistas, unemployment, etc. Oh yeah, we’re all concerned about transport and traffic on our way to the dole office luv.

  • Magunya

    These are two different posters. The bottom poster belongs to Sean Canney, a sitting independent councillor and candidate in the Tuam electoral area for the Galway County Council election.,556,en.html

  • Maman Poulet

    Thanks for that Magunya – It was I who rushed to think this was added on by Tom Reilly – But my source didn’t rush to correct me and my left feet either! (I don’t get burnt twice!) I’m off to edit the post accordingly!

    There’s still no FF logo and it would seem other more high profile candidates have similar amnesia

  • Paul

    @SeanR I’ve seen a few of those Niamh Moran posters around – it’s very much a case of “guess the party” unless you’re standing next to it and looking closely!

    For anyone who hasn’t seen these “independent FF”-type posters yet, the quality of this picture isn’t great, but should give you an idea –

    Bit of a change from the days of “Bertie’s team” and large FF branding being emblazoned on FF candidate’s posters!

  • Simon

    FF/Green Party canvassers to stay away
    The sign does not mention the Green Party.

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  • Ronan Gallagher

    Fianna Fail are feeling about as welcome as a fart in a space suit at the moment. They say it’s because they had to take difficult decisions, but actually its because they took the wrong decisions.

  • Mark Waters

    I spotted the bould Tom putting the finishing touches on his posters as I was driving through Tuam today.

    Someone from headquarters must have got to Tom as the distinctly home-made style of his posters now has the added feature of a hastily pasted-on Fianna Fail logo.

    Either that or the mishcief makers have been out, as suggested by Paul Moloney above.

    On the subject of posters, anyone know why there are Danny Healy Rae posters in Clare? I spotted one on the Ennis by-pass and a few more at Crusheen.

  • PB

    Just been canvassing on a working class estate in Bray, and there’s not an FF poster to be seen in the area. Mind you, judging from what people were saying today about FF & Greens, they’d have to have some cojones to even think about canvassing there.