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Taking Two Minutes…

January 19th, 2009 · 5 Comments · MSM, Social Media

…For Rick O’Shea.

I’m not sure why 2fm decided to mess with Rick’s show – I don’t think it was money but some managers ‘new idea’. I’ve been listening in the afternoons at work for a while now. Rick keeps me sane at work when I’m not out at meetings. I’m a talk radio junkie, news radio programmes being a huge part of my listening day – I gave up Newstalk and I spent a lot of the summer despising Katie Perry kissing girls and liking it due to Rick but thats a very minor point. Even news junkie bloggers need a break or two and a bit of a light relief. 

Many other bloggers can explain far more eloquently than I why the combination worked of

  • agony uncle or at least director of the nations agony aunts and uncles texting in and sorting problems,
  • asking the weirdest questions of his listeners by text,
  • giving voice to the anonymous but heartfelt start of the impact of the recession by texts
  • combined with interviews with all sorts of weird and wonderful people,
  • live sessions, movie reviews,
  • and the first person to play Michael Lynn (WORLD EXCLUSIVE !). (Sound files not working unfortunately).

And then there was headspace – Rick picked a song to chill to and I and many others chilled.

Since Rick has been gagged and now plays music from a playlist often one track after another without saying a word (Alexandra Burke far too many times in one week) with one minute entertainment news slots (pffft!) it is not my choice of listening. Given I’m off work on sick leave for far too long now I needed headspace and stuff more than ever.

If he had moved time slot there would not have been much of a whimper (well if he had moved to the mornings there would’ve been major parties!) But it’s the policy change and the lack of recognition by management of the fact that 2fm is not a pure music station during the day time and listeners don’t want mindless endless music.  RTE have loads of new fancy digital channels for that sort of stuff.

If you’re in agreement with me as well as joining the facebook group you might think about emailing to let them know – it seems someone is taking notice.

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