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The Mahon Tribunal – If B/T = Bertie and Tim = one Taoiseach in trouble

March 20th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Tribunals

The man from the building society says that B/T account meant Bertie/Tim to him back in 1994 – I still prefer Bartholomue’s Treasury!! But that may not be too far off the mark!

And then there’s Grainne Carruth – whom I never heard about until today – and who will be someone we’ll be hearing a lot more about tomorrow.

The violence/post Paddy’s Day clean up/priest dodging tax court case means that people will have missed what happened at the Mahon Tribunal at Dublin Castle today. Never fear the marvelous Gavin is on the ball.

Please let someone reenact this tomorrow pretty please!!! I’m feeling a bit sorry for Ms. Carruth. She only did the lodging and now she has to do some remembering. Previous to this she was the person cashing Bertie’s pay cheques and leaving the money in the drawer.

And can we be assured that whatever happens in the tribunal tomorrow will be properly reported on tomorrow evening? The full transcript of todays proceedings is here.

I’m no Mahon expert – but I want to know why there is so much sterling going into the B/T account – in cash! And how did it get into the country?? Tim Collins did the lodging there – where did he get that money?

Then there’s the sterling going into Bertie’s personal account, Cecelia’s and Georgina’s account – and the woman that did the lodging didn’t remember and in fact said she didn’t until the Tribunal showed her the paperwork saying she had.

Any ministers back in the country yet??



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