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Flustered Cassocks

March 18th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Blogging, Religion

So what did Willie Walsh, Bishop of Killaloe and friend of the opressed ever do to deserve the wrath of Clerical Whispers??

His collusion with the force in general has paid off as well considering that 2 Garda patrol cars and a Garda van were called to Ennis cathedral last week in an attempt to remove a person who was ever so drunk but asleep within the hallowed walls…but the men and women in blue failed in their job (nothing new there then) and it was left to the ambulance service to remove the man from the premises.

No doubt his relationship with the Force has played an integral part in a continued harassment against a younger member of the clergy over the last few years which one would hope will cease sooner rather than later but word has it once Bishop WW is retired, an explosive book of revelations shall be in the public domain exposing some of what has happened under the pastoral care of aforementioned WW.

I can smell the scorched incense from here!!!

For those of you who drop in and out of you’ll note that Clerical Whispers is one of the most prolific blogs on the internet. I’m not sure if it’s one of the most read.

Pious in it’s appearance (apologies for directing you to the music!) there are regular posts to indicate disaffection from many things in the Church from the author, Sotto Voce, who definitely wore a collar at some stage if he’s not still clinging onto priestly orders.



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