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The one where Cowen finds his Inner Obama again

February 4th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Irish Politics

‘The Pefect Storm’

Remember last year where Cowen made his non state of the nation address and only Harry McGee was in the room? Well tonight An Taoiseach was back talking off the cuff tonight at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce AGM. (Sean Whelan in RTE reporting on the Nine O’Clock news said Cowen was speaking to an audience of business men.  I assume this is not true and that Dublin Chamber of Commerce is an equal opportunities organisation!)

This time Harry was not alone and the press room was buzzing after it – well the keyboards were. I wonder if anyone was singing Kumbayah or the like.

You can listen to his speech here. Think of him on a trailer in Clara battening down the tarps against the wind or something.

(Thanks to Dublin Chamber of Commerce for the Audio)

I’ll have a think about it and be back to you! Things are going to get worse a bit before then get better or something but we’re all still in it together.  Ah oh yes the Recession is to be known as The Perfect Storm

See Alexia for more on the film and the script or whatever you call the transcript of the off the cuffery!

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