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The people the Tánaiste didn’t meet

March 17th, 2011 · 3 Comments · Irish Politics, LGBT

I mentioned that the people who Eamon Gilmore met in New York last night were not really representative of those who have been protesting the ban on LGBT marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  He met the good gays, some even refer to as ‘the apologists’ who despite the last 20 years have not wanted to actively protest the actions of the AOH, the police, the mayor and the courts, they were probably handpicked by the consulate.

Despite his criticism the Tánaiste was still guest of honor at the parade. Yes he still went along with it and attended. Other NY politicians do this act of speaking out of both side of their mouth on this issue – he picked that up fast!

The NY Daily News has a video of the protest that Irish Queers ran at the parade this morning.  Now who has a photo of Gilmore at the parade or did he play avoid the cameras?


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  • Seán Ó Briain

    I’m from Ireland, and I’m appalled by this treatment of the gay community. I’m not gay but you guys can come to Ireland anytime and I’ll be proud to march alongside you.

    St. Patrick’s day is a day of inclusion, not exclusion. It’s sad to see this isn’t reflected across the world.

  • John Francis Mulligan

    Thank you for covering this.
    On a related note members of the Gardaí marched in uniform as well as a United Nations Force from Ireland.Why is the Irish government supporting this “private” parade of hate with official representation?

  • Tomás Ó Flatharta

    The Irish Times story today :
    City’s 250th parade fails to find place for gay people

    it seems that
    “Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore was supportive of the case made by gay rights activists at a meeting on the day before the parade, according to participants.

    According to one attendee, New York City councilman Daniel Dromm, Mr Gilmore said “exclusion is not Irish” and noted that contemporary Ireland “may not be the quaint Ireland that people have in their minds but it is a large, multicultural, inclusive nation”.

    Deputy Gilmore’s new boss also kept some very nasty company during his St Patrick’s Day visit to the USA.

    The Mayo TD is pictured in the Irish Times leaving Capitol Hill with the US politicians Obama, Boehner and Peter King.

    Representative King is holding Congressional Hearings which are demonising American muslims as a “suspect community”

    More here :

    and some discussion is developing on this blog:

    There is a long tradition of Irish politicians going to the USA, especially on St Patrick’s Day, who give aid and comfort to reactionaries – and it is about time it stopped.

    One very honourable exception to a long parade of shame is Bernadette McAliskey.

    On her first visit to the USA the then Mid-Ulster MP received honorary citizenship of New York. She handed over the ceremonial keys to the Black Panthers to show her solidarity with black people suffering racist discrimination in the USA, and to acknowledge the inspiration they gave to civil rights activists in the 6 county bit of Ireland during the 1960’s.