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The State of Irish Blogging? Discuss? Ah lets just party and enjoy it!

March 1st, 2008 · 3 Comments · Blogging, Irish Blog Awards

By the looks of things there are going to be a lot of ‘new’ faces around tomorrow night – new in that they don’t go to barcamps, blogger meet ups and the like. Great news!! The attendance will be at least twice that which attended the first awards in 2006.

The excitement seems to have built up not only by the numbers of those registering to attend but also by the number of extra events for women, photographers, irish speaking, business blogging, food appreciating bloggers that are taking place before and after the awards ceremony itself. This is really healthy for blogging in Ireland in my humble opinion.

Personally I’ll be one of the ones ‘running’ the smokers blog meet up during the awards ceremony! Grandad, Sabrina and a few others are sure to be in attendance at that particular event!.

I’m one of the people giving Damien a hand tomorrow so say hello when you arrive or later in the night. I’ll also be doing my usual attempt at live blogging the results as they happen. (Pop culture historians might be interested in 2007 here and 2006 somewhere here).

I was hoping earlier in the week that for the dancing afterwards we’d have a slow set – nothing if not cheesy me… but I really do hope that Brian or someone brings this with them!!! (see Rick’s post for context…)



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