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Wednesday Pitstop

January 16th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Blogging, linkiness, Michael Lynn, US Election 2008

In between saying hello to my Portuguese readers (what’s the weather like by the way Michael?) I’ve been reading a lot of US election blogs, watching youtubes and thinking about my nominations for the blog awards.

So some midweek links for you…

  • The American anti gay nutters are blaming the gays for the MRSA…sounds oh so vaguely familiar.
  • I’ve subscribed to Josh Marshall’s Youtube channel for the duration of the election. Josh is the man behind Talking Points Memo..nuff said.
  • David Brock sum’s up the problem with Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s problem with Hilary (and other women!). (They’ve nicknamed Chris ‘Tweety’ – how very apt!)
  • Do you think someone might leave one of these behind them in an envelope in a Cafe? Or wrapped in The Times? Just by mistake like… That said the Steve Jobs speech is full of him being thrilled…or extraordinarily something…
  • Women are going missing in the US and turning up dead, murdered. Feministing asks where the gender analysis is. Oh the missing black women never get a mention full stop.
  • Diary of a Goldfish over at Ouch gives us the Deadly Sins of Wheelchair Pushers… Deadly Indeed!
  • Did you hear about the 91 Polish Muslims living in Ireland in 2006? Read more about the Census trivia here.
  • Go nominate in the Irish Blog Awards, nominate in loads of categories or only in one – nominate here. Give me a mention if you feel like it. Do you want to be an award judge? You don’t need to write a blog to judge… more info on applying here. The awards are on in the Alexander on March 1st.


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