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Michael Lynn and Bulgaria

January 15th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Michael Lynn

News reaches Maman Poulet about the properties for sale in Bulgaria at the moment developed by Kendar and some of them owned by Michael Lynn. This document from a business monitoring and advisory consultancy outlines two properties owned by Lynn which are worth €10 million. (You’ll have to believe me on this unless you are fluent!) I’m also learning about Lynn’s attempts to liquidate his assets in Bulgaria and hope to have more information soon.

Lynn has three registered companies in Bulgaria and it seems his current activities are big news there these days. Whilst Irish banks are preparing to seize his assets, Lynn’s representative in Bulgaria denies all knowledge of this.

Speaking of Lynn’s representative/consultant – Osman Otakj – well it seems he has ‘form’. Maman Poulet’s Bulgarian mole (and what a lovely mole she is too!) says that former politician Otakj was suspended as deputy chair of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms for the transfer of €200,000 of party funds to his personal bank account. Otakj then tried to register a new political party called ‘Democratic Wing’ but was found to have forged the paperwork needed to form a new political party. It would seem Michael likes to surround himself with people with form. More from Sofia as we get it.

In Dublin today meanwhile the Garda Commissioner, Fachtna Murphy, has been defending the actions of the force in investigating and monitoring the current location of Lynn and indeed the entire investigation into his activities.

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