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Your licence fee at work in the USA

November 3rd, 2008 · 1 Comment · Blogging, Irish Media, US Election 2008

‘God, if I hear John McCain utter the words ‘yes my friends’ again…I’ll…’

Charlie Bird blogging from the US presidential election. He’s only got one post so far but I have high hopes! (I could say that anything would will be better than George Hamilton’s culinary tour of China but I’ll hold my tounge!)

Mark Little has really taken to the blogging with two or three posts a day for the past week since he arrived. Robert Shortt, RTE’s US correspondent, (soon to be replaced by Charlie Bird) has not been blogging but you can read the transcript of his radio essays which have been appearing on a regular basis on RTE Radio 1’s World Report on Shortt Take.

RTE do lots of blogs these days but no comments – shame!



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