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Ask Minister Pat Carey – if you are a FF member

July 28th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Irish Politics, Social Media

Minister Pat Carey has been seeking questions from members of the public and members of his party. He invited people to email or tweet him with the questions. Today those of us who are on the FF supporters mailing list (the things I do for my readers !) received a video of a recent meeting where the Minister met with some of the people who had ‘asked him questions’. So herewith ‘Pat Carey Answers‘.

Jane Dignam and Adrian O’Higgins and others are members of the party but you wouldn’t know that from the video as they speak animatedly following their meeting with the Minister in Leinster House.

I’m not knocking the concept of speaking to the Minister and engaging with him like this but Fianna Fáíl might put the cumann names under the speakers names so we’re all clear. Especially as party members are being encouraged to spam send a link to the video to their friends. Did the Minister not get questions from non party members during this initiative? Or maybe this is the first video in a series. I’m also wondering where are all the questions asked and their resulting answers. There were pages of the questions on the website up until yesterday. Did anyone ask a question and get an answer? Comments please!!

While I’m at it – maybe the Minister could clarify the matter of his twitter account and if he does all his own tweeting. Last week at the MacGill summer school he tweeted that he had finished his speech before his backside hit the chair. It would be good to be clear on it all as he and his colleagues rush to go Obama on us.


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