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Bishops ‘very worried’ about CP Bill

March 10th, 2010 · 9 Comments · David Quinn, Homophobia, LGBT, Same Sex Partnerships, Social Policy

The Catholic Bishops have been having their spring meeting for the past three days and the press conference today saw them complain about unfair treatment by the media and also express their concerns about the civil partnership bill.

The Press release sent out at the end of the meeting says that the bishops are going to publish a leaflet on Marriage.

  • ‘Why marriage matters’ – statement by the Bishops’ Conference on the Civil Partnership Bill
  • Bishops agreed to publish a leaflet ‘Marriage matters’ in support of marriage and family life.  This leaflet expresses concern about aspects of the Civil Partnership Bill, currently before the Oireachtas.  The leaflet summarises key elements of Catholic teaching on marriage between a man and woman.  It reiterates the importance of the family as the natural primary and fundamental unit of society and therefore deserving of special protection by the State.  It also highlights that other forms of relationships are not of the same nature and status as that of marriage as the basis of the family.

    This information leaflet will be released as a statement, published by Veritas, made available in dioceses and on  Bishops encouraged everyone concerned to inform themselves and to read ‘Marriage Matters’.

    Patsy McGarry reports in the Irish Times this evening

    Bishop Jones also expressed grave concern about the Civil Partnership Bill at the press conference. He said the bishops had discussed taken a Constitutional action against the Bill should it become law. “As you know marriage and the family are enshrined in the Constitution and the State has an obligation to protect and promote marriage and family life,? he said.

    “We are really very concerned that the Civil Partnership Bill is going to undermine marriage by conferring all the rights on same sex unions as marriage, equating same sex union to marriage itself,? he said.

    Where the refusal of the Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern to allow an opt out clause for people who had conscience problems when it came to association or involvement with same sex ceremonies he said the bishops were “very worried about that. Very worried.

    The people involved in the ceremonies beyond the couples are the registrars, Bishop. And they are simply being required to do their jobs.  And we know you don’t give a toss about this conscientious objection and just don’t want any rights given to ‘the gays’.

    Of course they are late to the party here – the bishops intervention comes 8 months after the publication of the bill when it’s about to enter committee stage and supposedly long enough after the publication of the Murphy and Ryan reports for their graces to rear their heads.   It’s Civil Partnership but the church leaders are far from civil and of course siding with the extremists (yes they are!) who will be partying for days or at least trying to.  David Quinn’s phone calls giving out to them earlier this year have been productive! (Yes he did call them giving out loads that they were chickens not saying anything).

    UpdateMore from Patsy McGarry on the forthcoming episcopal (m) utterings  in Thursday’s Irish Times  including the line that Same Sex Unions are ‘incapable of realising the specific communion of persons that is marriage’.  Well if it’s their particular  communion that we can’t realise that’s fine so, that’s not what most same sex couples wish to ‘aspire to’.

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