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Cuffe promises Civil Unions Bill by July

June 4th, 2009 · 11 Comments · Marriage Equality, Same Sex Partnerships

A Tweet sent by Green TD Ciaran Cuffe last night in reaction to another US state legalising same sex marriage. So we have a whiff of a date for the publication of legislation on civil unions in Ireland. And we hear about it a day before the local and European Elections. Of course all the Noisers and Marriage Equality crew will be saying it’s not marriage – there I’ve said it all for them.

Everyone else can start hurling stuff on is there going to be protection for families, or is the tax and social welfare side of life going to be recognised. Or ‘published but when debated’? And of course all the cynics will be going ’24 hours before an election civil unions makes an appearance  albeit it in a tweet in reaction to something that happens far away from Europe!’

Any stories from the canvass – canvasser or cavassed on lgbt issues in this campaign?

Did anyone mention

  • Public safety, well lit streets and Joint  Policing committees which represent all the community,
  • European Union membership, European Parliament debates and  importance to the lgbt comunity?
  • Local government funding and ensuring lgbt groups are recognised as minorities?
  • Social housing and anti-social behaviour and how it affects lgbt tenants?
  • SIMs Policies (Social Inclusion Measures)
  • How lgbt friendly is the local library?
  • Will your local council work with the LGBT community to provide better public spaces for events like Pride?
  • Support from Council Arts Officers for LGBT community arts events

Ah yes lgbt issues other than what we call our relationships and when will the government finally make good on it’s promise to recognise them.

Come on someone must have taken their head out of their navel?

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