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Iceland’s new prime minister – a sister?

January 27th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Lesbian, LGBT, Queer

In what would be a world first (in terms of an openly lesbian or gay politician) Johanna Sigurdardóttir, Iceland’s Minister for Social Affairs, has said she’s prepared to take on the post of Prime Minister if she feels that she has sufficient support.

You may have heard that Iceland is bankrupt, has had riots recently and lost it’s Prime Minister a few days ago after he resigned. Ms. Sigurdaróttir is a popular politician (a rare thing thing one must admit) and has escaped the brunt of the ire of Iceland’s population (approx:318,000) in the recent turmoil.

According to an opinion poll undertaken by Capacent Gallup in December 2008, Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir is the most popular minister—73 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with her work. Sigurdardóttir is also the only minister whose popularity had increased compared to a similar poll undertaken in December 2007.

Andrew Sullivan thinks that this is the second worst job in the world. I’m wondering what the first is and if it’s six months away for a man from Offaly.

I am also thinking about the reason lesbians and gay men end up getting the hard jobs or finding it hard to get certain jobs in less difficult times? The fostering of children no-one else will being one of the other situations one sees lesbians and gays stepping in.

Anyway good luck to Johanna! May the force be with you as you go where no lesbian or gay man has gone before.

(h/t the wonderful Joe My God)

Update – Iris Erlingsdottir writes about Ms. Sigurdardóttir in The Huffington Post.

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