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‘Immoral, perverse and deviant behaviour’

November 23rd, 2009 · 4 Comments · Irish Politics, Same Sex Partnerships

The emails and letters to Oireachtas members in advance of the debate on the Civil Partnership Bill continue (#cpbill) to be sent my way.

Renew as you may remember is the new ‘national’ organisation campaigning for lots of ‘down with that sort of thing’ vigour. It would seem however that many of their emails landed in the spam folders of the TD’s they emailed on Friday. (oops many apologies to the Deputies who might get these resent to them)

Dear Deputy,

RENEW is calling for the scrapping of the Civil Partnership Bill for the following reasons:-

1. It’s unconstitutional because it’s against Article 41 of the Irish Constitution. Article 41 states that ” The State recognises the family as the natural, primary and fundamental unit of society, and a moral institution. The State guarantees to protect the family because it is the necessary basis of social order and indispensable to the welfare of the nation and the State.

2. Making laws that recognise same-sex unions is legislating for immoral, perverse and deviant behaviour.

3. This Bill contradicts right reason because it is not in accordance with the natural moral law.

4. Therefore this Bill is not legitimate since it fails to recognise the inalienable and imprescriptible right of every human being.

5. It is grossly unjust and immoral because it is so harmful to the common good.

6. It is a blatant attack on Marriage and Family Life.

The government and the opposition parties assured the people that the “guarantees” secured by the government ensured that there could be no undermining of the Constitutional protections for the family and human life.

We call on you as our public representative to see that this Bill is scrapped and show the people that they were right to trust the government to protect the family founded on Marriage since this was one of the issues many people voted NO too in Lisbon 1, then voted YES in Lisbon 2 because of the guarantees.

We are asking you to respond to us via email at and outline your position on the Civil Partnership Bill.

Yours Sincerely,

Mary Doherty

All examples of literature for and against deviance and natural moral law the bill are very welcome to tips(@)

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