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My list of I need to mention such and such…

March 4th, 2008 · 6 Comments · Blogging, Irish Blog Awards, Irish Media, Irish Politics, linkiness, Michael Lynn, MSM

I have a list of links that have been brewing, mentions and such – and I have found 5 minutes to mention them!

Firstly Irish Left Review – go look – it’s new and very shiny –

We believe that the Left must contest conservatism on a broad front – whether it be on issues of governance, the economy, social reform, culture or history,…
…For we are adamant: the marginalisation of the Left is at an end; the half-status and quarter-status of our political parties will no longer persist, the sublimation of our ideas and our history is a thing of the past.

Bring it on lads – it’s looking mighty good design wise too!

– Did you see all those journalists blogging? Shane Hegarty won best blog by a journalist– well done! Harry McGee is back blogging today. The hotbed of blogging in Ireland is really in Tara Street not Cork. (sees PROC types declaring fatwa on MP.)

Will Harry get an Irish Times blog? Who else would you like to see blogging from the Irish Times (and no John Waters is not an original answer!)

– The man who sold Michael Lynn a baby grand piano reads this blog. I’m trying for photos… There might be a hippo!

– I’m going to Creative Camp on Saturday to watch something being grabbed by the balls and help look at the reasons why there are lots of women doing lots of exciting things but we don’t get to hear about them. And think about what we can do to help.

I’m going to play in a castle with 10 foot thick walls and a dungeon with lots of creative types! Now now get out of my boudoir and into Web 2.0 women! (ye know who ye are!)

– And finally for now – as the curtain may be drawning on the Democratic nomination tomorrow (ah go on Hilary keep Richard and others in suspense – hang on there woman!) Slate look at the West Wing and Obama and the similarities. Barack Obama/Jimmy Smits/Matt Santos/ Barack Obama – You will believe…



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