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Single Issue LGBT Candidates in Irish Elections – a (very) brief history

May 25th, 2009 · 8 Comments · Elections, Irish Politics, LGBT

Lisa Connell is standing as an Independent LGBT Candidate in Dublin South West Inner City/Dublin 8 area of Dublin City Council.

Lisa is not the first independent LGBT candidate to contest an election in Ireland – the first I believe was Liz Noonan who ran as a Lesbian Feminist Candidate in 3 Dáil elections in 1981 and twice in 1982 in Dublin South East.

In the 1989 General Election a number Independent Gay Candidates ran campaigns – Tonie Walsh in Dublin South East, Don Donnelly in Dublin North Central and Michael Foley (Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church) who got 1,122 first preferences and ran in Dublin South Central and I think there was a third candidate and will correct the post when I get an answer to an email!

In 1992 there were considerations towards running gay rights candidates (it was before decrminialisation) but instead campaigns to get parties to commit to equality and decriminalisation were run by lesbian and gay groups.

In terms of local and national elections since 1992 we’ve had a number of openly gay candidates running for election in several parties and there are some running in the local elections this year.

This year it seems we’re back to the 1980’s in terms of seeing an Independent LGBT Candidate join the fray. I’ll be back to the issue of single issue campaigns and lgbt rights no doubt but for now you can find out more on Lisa’s Facebook page and see links to various other media appearance.

I met Lisa last week and asked her why she was standing for election on an Independent LGBT based candidacy. (I’m still learning how to use the Zi6 – apologies for wobbles etc!)


Tonie Walsh has been in touch to confirm the third candidate in 1989 General Election (Michael Foley) and also to tell of his own campaign to run for election to Dublin Corporation in 1985 on an urban renewal, tenancy rights and better local government ticket.  So that’s the first openly gay candidate who ran for Dublin Corporation sorted  – and I’ll leave it to Tonie to tell the full story of his campaign, selection and manager – there’s a chapter in a book there HINT!

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  • tipster

    I too recall that there was athird one. (And I remember the red faces over at GCN a few years ago when John Goodwillie ran for the Greens in Doublin South Central and the young editor announced he was the first openly gay candidate to run for the Dáil.)

    I would say I’d prefer to see a single-issue human-rights-for-lgbt-people candidate run in the European Parliament election than in the locals (‘cos (a) then I could vote for her and (b) it would bring the message to a wider audience). [But seeing as I’m not prepared to put my own neck on the block, I should probably not grumble!]

  • Dermot

    Fair play to Lisa and i hope she does well. however, i will be voting on many issues, not just on gay issues. For example, Rebecca Moynihan is a candidate is an excellent progressive candidate who supports marriage equality but as a labour candidate has a much wider progressive agenda to promote the rights of gays, straights and whatever you are having yourself! i’d much prefer to see Lisa join a progressive party and push the agenda from within. all that said, i hope she does well.

  • Michael Mc Loughlin

    To think a speaker at the Labour Conference post the 1992 election said she would eat her hat if the govt. progressed decriminalisation 🙂

  • admin

    Never had that meal Michael 🙂 A certain Mr. Quinn has a hat though

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  • juggernaut

    What became of Liz Noonan? Does anyone know?