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Two women raise a baby

December 2nd, 2011 · 9 Comments · LGBT, Marriage Equality, Same Sex Partnerships

Two women raise a young man who can speak well in public in Iowa last February, it goes viral again for some reason this week and lesbians and gay men and their friends go nuts about it.  It’s been all over my facebook and twitter with pre requisite gushing.  It’s not the video itself that concerns me (it won’t be the first or the last in campaigns nationally or internationally) but the reaction to it that is bizarre.

Are we so insecure about our sexuality and identity that we have to rush out examples of ‘good’ families and fawn after them. I know I’ve even done this myself at times over the past 20 years.

Why are ‘good’ examples in response to the right’s vilification of queer parents sought as part of campaign strategies?  The construction of the same sex marriage narrative as an economic development tool often accompanies this message tethering people to each other and their state to the disadvantage of others.

Single lesbians and gay men and single heterosexuals raise ‘good’ children too.  But the ‘two is better than one’ and ‘two marrieds is even betterer’ (it’s my blog and I can make up words if I want to) message of the marriage for gays and lesbian movement gathers offensive moss.

Non church going,  non ring wearing, anti cake topping,  attachment parenting disrespectful, possibly fuck buddying queers are raising babies or not raising babies.  They even vote.  And if they don’t marry or raise a child (or proud pooch) in a long term relationship akin to long term heterosexual relationships that doesn’t mean we’re not equal or not worth identifying and respecting in and out of our communities.  Equality for all should mean more than a big day out or another emotional heart tugging video.



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