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Civil Partnership Report Stage Thursday July 1

June 30th, 2010 · 7 Comments · Equality, LGBT, Same Sex Partnerships

The report stage of the Civil Partnership Bill will take place in the Dáil tomorrow night between 5pm and 9 pm. (Amendments tabled for debate)

There is a liveblog available for commentary and you will be able to watch the debate on the liveblog or you can watch it by picking a stream from the Dáil here.

The past week has seen mildly frenetic activity in the papers and on radio from those opposing the bill (and not just opposing the lack of conscientious objection protection – this is homophobia is full swing) and those who support the bill and oppose the right of the Church/religious to interfere in secular matters.

We’ve even had an opinion piece from Angela Kerins, Chairperson of the Equality Authority today to support the bill and remind society that it’s a civil matter.

Mattie McGrath TD (just lost the FF whip) is blaming the Green’s for the legislation and saying that they have the run of the government. (His accusations of the Green Party bullying gave me a laugh – if they were so good at it maybe the bill would offer some protection to children’s and family rights)

No confirmation yet of when the Bill will reach the Seanad – Senator Dan Boyle confirmed to me tonight that bill will go before Seanad on July 13 – expect far more direct ire there as there are a number of opponents of the bill on both sides of the house – and they are far more likely to give their opinions and not just talk about florists, photographers and registrars.

Photos sent to me from a protest today outside the Dáil.

Are there activities planned by groups supporting the legislation tomorrow?  I know that GLEN are launching a document containing the Second Stage speeches at 1pm.   Any other press calls or celebrations?

If you want to go and watch in person in the public gallery to observe/support the debate – ring your local TD’s office and ask for tickets. (You can find the list here) The number of the Dáil switchboard is (01) 6183000.

Senator Dan Boyle confirmed to me tonight that the bill will go before the Seanad on July 13th.

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7 Comments so far

  • Harry

    Normally how long will the report stage take. And then to the fifth stage. Again Mamen how long does it normally take? I am an older guy who has been waiting for this for nearly 40 years. I heard all the arguments and agree that equality in marraige is what I want and is best. But this is still momentous for me and my partner. Will the bill complete by July or will it go into the Autumn?

    A quick update on the process would be great for us

  • Maman Poulet

    Hi Harry, Report stage will be completed tomorrow – all in one session. I’m still trying to find out if it will go to the Seanad next week before the recess. I will post and let you know when I find out.

    But I should warn you it could take a number of months following the passage of the for all the arrangements to be put in place before the law is ready to be enacted. Departments of Finance, Social Protection, Health, HSE etc will all have to have procedures in place and it will require the Minister for Justice and other ministers to sign statutory instruments and maybe also some amendments to social welfare acts etc. before things are ready to go.

  • Maman Poulet

    Harry, Senator Dan Boyle has confirmed to me that the Bill will be in the Seanad on July 13th.

  • Nick Reilly

    Social Protection have done quite a lot of the pre-lim computer work required to adjust their systems in anticipation of the bill’s passage, that started over a year ago. Finance will do the same, though its a revenue matter for implementation. The real trick will be the HSE. For instance, you need to go through the hoops to get hitched in the north east, they do not marry people on Fridays up here. So, that will the fun bit of it.

  • ted

    The Oireachtas is slated to take the Report and Final stages of the Civil Partnership Bill tonight, which all being well, will see the Bill finished in the Dail.

    The Bill will then move on to the Seanad where it will be automatically listed at the Second Stage. It is very common for all stages of a Bill to be taken together in the Seanad so there is no reason why the Bill should not be passed before the summer recess – but we shall see.

    This might be the opportunity for the Minister for Justice etc to reveal when the Civil Partnership scheme will commence. The Third Secret Of Fatima was revealed faster than the date for the first Civil Partnership in Ireland.

  • Fiona

    These photographs of protesters make me so ashamed and incensed in equal measure. I think I’ll go down and give them a piece of my mind.

  • Harry

    Thank you all for the update. On to July 13th