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Lucinda Creighton changes her mind?

January 28th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Equality, Irish Politics, LGBT, Same Sex Partnerships

You may remember when the second stage debate on the Civil Partnership Bill began back in December, Lucinda Creighton, FG TD for Dublin South East, was not present when called on to speak. There has been extensive time given to the debate fortunately and yesterday Lucinda spoke and thanks to the wonders that is the internet and in case you missed it I thought you may wish to see it.

Lucinda has spoken at Iona Institute events and given interviews to the Irish Catholic expressing concern at rights being given to same sex relationships. She had also previously spoke in favour of people being able to object to providing services to or conducting civil partnership ceremonies.  (She also differs greatly with her colleague Leo Varadkar on tax individualisation!)

But the speech yesterday indicates a change of heart on the issues or at least a change of language to appear reasonable but concerned?  She knows a lot of gay couples who live a ‘normal fashion’ in their communities. However we’re not traditional (phew) and she likes and supports traditional families and wants the constitution to protect them.  She doesn’t think people should be jailed for breaking the law either if they refuse to perform a civil partnership (there is similar legislation in place in relation to civil marriage) She even gives a shout out to noted liberal bishop Willie Walsh! Some in Iona and other groups will no doubt be tutting!

(If any other video fairies have footage of other TD’s speaking on the debate please get in touch!)

For an excellent summary of yesterday’s debate please head over to Human Rights in Ireland where Mairead has noted my tongue was firmly in my cheek re Leo’s dating needs.  Fiona has also examined the issues regarding a conscience clause in another post today on HRinI.

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