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Unasked for advice

November 11th, 2008 · 17 Comments · David Quinn, LGBT, Marriage Equality, Religious Right Dressed up as research institutes, Same Sex Partnerships

…to those campaigning for Civil Partnership legislation/Civil Marriage, be they individuals or groups …

Stop appearing in audiences of shows like Questions and Answers – especially when the panel is not balanced with representation of someone from the lesbian and gay/equality and human rights sector. RTE need to be taught a lesson and ‘rent any queer for the audience fodder’ should not be part of the curriculum.

Play the ball and not the player – If you are in the audience and there is no equal representation on the panel, don’t go after the guy on the panel espousing anti civil partnership/equality views – you are only boosting his ego and making his irrational but perfectly pleasantly presented claptrap look reasonable – non elected people who spread fear look like experts when some angry person who actually knows something is shouting them down and not getting heard at all – cf Libertas.

As well as ringing or texting programmes contact RTE’s/other outlets public information officers and station editors and complain about a lack of balance. These comments go to editorial meetings. Today with Pat Kenny this morning had someone from a European Christian Lobby group and Lucinda Creighton (who is against civil partnership never mind marriage) discussing EU issues and the impact of religion on politics. There were mentions of civil partnerships and rights for same sex couples and how the EU should not be involved. Nobody else took part and although Pat was doing his bit to bring balance there should have been someone from the human rights, federalist side of the house giving their opinion on social affairs in the EU and the importance of the charter of rights and fundamental freedoms.

Don’t talk about segregation and apartheid – see here. Find your/our own language to use in this situation and stop using the very different experiences of others.

Stop making two parent families sound like the be all and end all – single parent families have enough enemies without campaigns for same sex partnership giving them oxygen. Parental rights should come second to children’s rights.

Brief and prepare opposition parties as well as the FF/Green/Others Coalition. The way things are going currently the civil partnerships bill will be more than useless never mind the lack of civil marriage as an option. In fact stop getting everyone confused and make sure whatever law is on the table is the best possible solution.

Feel free to add your advice… someone might indeed listen…won’t guarantee they’ll actually hear it!

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